Crushing Constraints as a Marginalized Group — Part II

The external forces working against us

“A job is often regarded as an economic transaction, but the brain experiences the workplace first foremost as a social system.”

David Rock,
Managing with the brain

People who are not part of the dominant group often feel & experience that their bodily differences will cause them to stand out and be a target for abuse. Abuse can come in the form of microagressions, backlash to pointing out mistakes or mistreatment, threats to job security, discrimination, or harassment.

The absence of safety in the workplace intensifies marginalizing behaviors. Jordan Bryan details three behaviors that occur in the professional environment: unequal personality trait assessment, lack of confidence assumption, and “taking credit”.

  • Lack of confidence assumption: The linkage between how confidence is exhibited and therefore somebody’s competence. An example would be the misconception that a woman who takes a reserved approach may be seen as incompetent, though confidence can look different based on a person’s experience.
  • “Taking Credit”: Perhaps you’ve made a point during a meeting that wasn’t acknowledged, only for another colleague to bring it up, getting all the praise.

Diversity in tech is … meh

The state of diversity in tech doesn’t look so great, but that’s no secret. For years we’ve been hearing promises from Silicon Valley that increasing minority participation. Yet, little progress has been made. Here are a few reports to check out if you’re interested in digging:

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