DWB: Designing While Black

I’m expected to move and operate in the world differently than my majority counterparts.

Finding your way

  • Find something you can get behind. It can be as small or as involved as you can manage. Taking action can be cathartic. Considering the challenges we face, it’s an outlet can go a long way.
  • Tap into your network. Find genuine support where possible. That support may come from someone within your organization. It may come from a LinkedIn connection. Or friends you can have productive conversations. Healthy comradery makes the world feel a less lonely.
  • Evaluate your work situation. How do you feel about the company you work with? Are you happy with the level of diversity? Is your work environment emotionally safe (free of microagressions, etc.)? Has leadership acknowledged any perceived shortcomings as it pertains to race and behavior in the workplace? You spend an enormous amount of time at work (or online for work anyway). If you work in a toxic environment or don’t feel supported, it may be time to look at your options.




Digital product designer at Dialexa, advocate for BIPOC, speaker, and hustler.

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Shara Rosenbalm

Shara Rosenbalm

Digital product designer at Dialexa, advocate for BIPOC, speaker, and hustler.

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