Worth it? Design Dept.’s Resilient Leadership Workshop

Photo by Tim Marshall on Unsplash

What/Who is Design Dept.?

Workshop Details

  • 4-hour workshop facilitated on Zoom
  • Roughly 30 diverse 30 attendees
  • Received a lovely printed workbook in the mail
  • The structure was a combination of lecture, individual and group work, and group discussion
  • Design Dept. invited us to their Slack workspace

Learning Objectives

  • Why resilience matters as a leader
  • How our resilience is impacted in crisis
  • Understand the difference between grit and resilience
  • Learn a four-part framework for building resilience for individuals and teams
  • Explore specific ways to build resilience practices for your team

My takeaways

  • Resilience matters for leaders because it affects how you show up for yourself and your team — If you don’t design how you show up and work, it will be designed for you.
  • Resilience isn’t the same as grit — it’s the ability to ride the highs and lows, a lot like waves of change.
  • Leaders can’t give what they don’t have — resilience requires you to be self-aware. If your ‘tank’ is empty, how can you support your team’s resilience?
  • There’s a connection between self-awareness, resilience, and burnout. There are signs leading to burnout. If you aren’t aware enough to recognize them, you’re depleting your ability to have resilience when you and your team will need it the most.
  • The four-part framework is 💰. I now have actionable steps to take back to the team and work tools I can employ individually.




Digital product designer at Dialexa, advocate for BIPOC, speaker, and hustler.

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Shara Rosenbalm

Shara Rosenbalm

Digital product designer at Dialexa, advocate for BIPOC, speaker, and hustler.

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